There is a wide range of air conditioning equipment available on the market today, however, here are the four main styles commonly installed in the home.

Wall-mounted type
This is the most popular, compact and affordable type of air conditioner available.
It is designed to be mounted on a wall at high level and available with various styling from discrete to outrageous, typical of our air conditioning installations at Polaris World sites.

Floor-standing type
This air conditioner can be stood directly onto the floor or mounted on the wall at low-level. Being compact in size, it can be installed unobtrusively into any room.

Compact cassette type
The compact cassette type air conditioner fits flush into a ceiling void, leaving only the slimline fascia visible.
Discharging conditioned air in four directions it provides a subtle yet effective distribution of air.

Concealed ducted type
The concealed ducted type unit represents the ultimate in discretion. Typically installed within ceiling voids the conditioned air is delivered through grilles, leaving no equipment in sight. Typical of our air conditioning installations at Roda Golf, and Corvera Country Club